This year more than 1500 SonarPro accreditation holders coming from 38 countries participated, and in total, 724 businesses registered representing a 27% increase in respect of last year.

The 17th edition of Sonar closed to great public acclaim and some unforgettable artistic moments. In total, 84976 people attended Sonar 2010 in Barcelona, a number that confirms the public´s interest, the firmness of the programming, the artistic proposal of this year´s edition and the internationalisation of the festival. 59% of the Sonar public comes from Spain, 19% from UK, 5% from France and 4% from Italy.

The vast amount of people who passed by the Sonar by Day festival, where the majority of SonarPro activities are situated should be taken into account. In total some 32682 attended the days events.

Amongst the most successful activities, the new SonarPro Forum that puts specialised labels in touch with the festival’s public, the Demo Area where the latest trend in upcoming technology are put to practise, or Meet The Expert where accredited professionals were able to exchange information and insider tips with experts in distinct sectors related to the creative and cultural industries. A special mention should also be made to the Digital Music Days 2.0, that this year broke record attendance.

Spectators: 84.976
SonarPro professionals 2010: 1558
Companies participating in SonarPro: 724
Demos: 21
Tutorial Demos:12
SonarPro Forum:18