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The Sugarhill Gang
(Sugar Hill / US)
18 June | SonarLab | 03:00

A journey back in time to the heart of hip-hop

Sugarhill Gang, the men behind the timeless "Rapper's Delight", are to hip-hop what the Big Bang is to the universe. It all dates back to a year, 1979, a place, the Bronx, and a name, Sugarhill Gang. Their classic "Rapper's Delight" was something more than a hit in terms of sales and popularity: it was the touchstone that was the great leap forward for a sound that had only been heard on the underground scene of New York's block parties until that point, and which would change the face of popular music forever. A priceless journey back in time to the heart of hip-hop, with its real godfathers: Wonder Mike, Master Gee and Big Bank Hank. Their show combines the classic MC + DJ format with live instruments in a review of their hits from the past and their recent comeback, "LaLa Song", produced by Bob Sinclar.

Rapper's delight

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Friday 18 | Sonar by Night | SonarLab

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