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The Slew featuring Kid Koala
(Puget Sound Recordings / US)
19 June | SonarHall | 20:30

Wild rock on 6 decks

In 2005, the filmmaker Jay Rowlands suggested that turntablists Kid Koala and Dynomite D write the soundtrack for a documentary. Although the film never saw the light of day because of various problems, the material they composed for the soundtrack, with strong psychedelic rock influences, became the seed for what we know today as The Slew. The Australian musicians Chris Ross, Myles Heskett (of Wolfmother) and the duo of DJs – with no less than 6 decks! – create nothing less than an avalanche of guitar riffs, dirty blues, wild rock and cut-ups on stage that bowls listeners over.

You turn me cold

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Saturday 19 | Sonar by Day | SonarHall

mysonar 13:00 :: live :: Zigmat (Ultra Records-Actua Musica/US)

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mysonar 20:30 :: live :: The Slew featuring Kid Koala (Puget Sound Recordings/US)