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The Pinker Tones
(Pinkerland / ES)
19 June | SonarLab | 23:30

Lounge de luxe

The trio consisting of Mister Furia, Professor Manso and DJ Niño return to the stage to present in style their eagerly awaited seventh album – the new chapter in their musical tower of Babel, based on pop but equally close to lounge, funk, soul, bossa, swing and psychedelia. Hundreds of live shows in more than forty countries have made them one of the most exported groups on the music scene in Barcelona, the Pinkerland Studio base, from where they have launched a string of albums which the international community has welcomed with open arms.

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Saturday 19 | Sonar by Night | SonarLab

mysonar 22:30 :: dj :: Buffetlibre DJs (AudioSushi/ES)

mysonar 23:30 :: live :: The Pinker Tones (Pinkerland/ES)

mysonar 00:30 :: dj :: Buffetlibre DJs (AudioSushi/ES)

mysonar 01:00 :: live :: Fuck Buttons (ATP Recordings/UK)

LuckyMe presents

mysonar 02:00 :: live :: American Men (LuckyMe/UK)

mysonar 02:30 :: dj :: Machinedrum (LuckyMe/US)

mysonar 03:00 :: live :: Mike Slott cancelled, replaced by Lunice (LuckyMe/UK)

mysonar 03:30 :: live :: The Blessings (LuckyMe/UK)

mysonar 04:00 :: dj :: Eclair Fifi & John Computer (LuckyMe/UK)

mysonar 05:00 :: dj :: Del Palo Soundsystem: Griffi + DJ2D2 (Del Palo/ES)