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The Chemical Brothers
(Virgin / UK)
19 June | SonarClub | 03:00

Energy and spectacle

After a sabbatical of almost eighteen months, The Chemical Brothers are coming to Sónar to present a new show and sound material. In their eighteen-year musical career, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons have broken all sorts of records, especially in terms of live shows. Their magic potion, made up of techno flashbacks, psychedelia, rock and rhythms that are so phat they seem to have exploded, continues to win over massive audiences wherever they go, thanks to their understanding of live music based on fun and an emphasis on the core values and sub-atomic particles of the entire history of club culture. For their latest tour (which has once again smashed sales figures in their native England) The Chemical Brothers promise a show that is even more overwhelming than their usual tours de force.

Escape velocity

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Saturday 19 | Sonar by Night | SonarClub

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