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Sandwell District
(Sandwell District / UK)
19 June | SonarClub | 05:30

Techno secret

Function and Regis need no introduction. The architects of the legendary Downwards, a Birmingham label that has gone down in history because of its dark definition of 4/4, are now responsible for creating Sandwell District with the same aesthetic harshness and secrecy (they have no physical address, website or MySpace page: just a fax number). On stage, in a format halfway between a live show and a session, they combine analogue and digital sounds to obtain the purest samples of techno DNA.

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Saturday 19 | Sonar by Night | SonarClub

mysonar 22:00 :: dj :: DJ Hell (Gigolo/DE)

mysonar 23:00 :: live :: Roxy Music (Virgin/UK)

mysonar 00:00 :: dj :: Angel Molina (SonarMusic/ES)

mysonar 00:30 :: live :: Dizzee Rascal (Dirtee Stank/UK)

mysonar 01:30 :: dj :: Caspa feat. MC Rod Azlan (UK)

mysonar 03:00 :: live :: The Chemical Brothers (Virgin/UK)

mysonar 04:30 :: dj :: Angel Molina (SonarMusic/ES)

mysonar 05:30 :: dj :: Sandwell District (Sandwell District/UK)