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Ryoji Ikeda
(raster-noton / JP)
17 June | Nit Grec-Sónar (Teatre Grec) | 20:00

An assault on the senses during the Grec-Sonar night

During the opening night of Sonar 2010, and in a joint production with the Grec Festival, Ryoji Ikeda presents two works at the Teatre Grec: “spectra [barcelona]” (a huge lighting instalation that could be seen from all over the city) and “test pattern [live set]" (an astounding audiovisual show that syncronises images with sound). One of the unquestionable maestros of contemporary audiovisual minimalism, over the years Ikeda has been redefining his own concept of time, space and sonic material. To do so, he uses a multi-faceted work (recordings, installations, audiovisual performances) which constantly puts the viewer's senses to the test.

“spectra [barcelona]” instalation will take place from 8pm onwards.
“test pattern [live set]" concert will have two shows: at 10:30pm and at 12:30am.






Co-produced with

Ryoji Ikeda – spectra [barcelona]
Co-commissioned with Grec Barcelona Festival
Produced by Forma
Production co-ordinated by Elsinor

Ryoji Ikeda – test pattern [live set]
Produced by Forma
Concept, composition: Ryoji Ikeda
Visual programming: Tomonaga Tokuyama


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Thursday 17 | Sonar by Night | Nit Grec-Sónar (Teatre Grec)

mysonar 20:00 :: live :: Ryoji Ikeda (raster-noton/JP)