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LuckyMe presents
Mike Slott cancelled, replaced by Lunice
(LuckyMe / UK)
19 June | SonarLab | 03:00

Cosmic hip-hop

For reasons out of our hands, Mike Slott will not be able to perform in the Lucky Me showcase at Sonar, as was previously programmed. Perform in his place is Lunice.

Mike Slott, one of the names to watch in 2010, is backed by Mary Anne Hobbs, Flying Lotus and Jamie Vexd, who are keeping a very close eye on what he is up to. His 12", "Lucky 9Teen", has only confirmed what many people expected of him: his innate intuition for rhythm, and his desire to avoid the commonplace. By applying the spirit of free jazz and 1980s boogie to today's technology and sensitivity, he produces a type of cosmic hip-hop, which is different and above all, irresistible.

Sónar 2010 LuckyMe Taste

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Saturday 19 | Sonar by Night | SonarLab

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