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Hudson Mohawke
(Warp-LuckyMe / UK)
18 June | SonarLab | 04:00

Beyond aquacrunk

Ross Birchard has been making trouble since he was 15 years old. Not only was he the youngest finalist in England's DMC championship. As well as Flying Lotus and Rustie, he is one of the key names in a new sound which some have christened wonky or aquacrunk, which is a souped-up mixture of dubstep, hip-hop, R&B and experimental electronica. On "Butter", his debut LP for Warp, he has made no bones about his interest in revealing the flipside of existing sounds, using all types of production filters and tricks. Everything can be blended in Hudson Mohawke's sonic universe.

Fruit touch

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Friday 18 | Sonar by Night | SonarLab

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