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Hot Chip
(Parlophone / UK)
18 June | SonarPub | 00:00

Electropop spontaneity

On "One Life Stand", their eagerly anticipated latest album, Hot Chip revisit the roots of house with the help of guests like Charles Hayward (of This Heat and Camberwell Now), Leo Taylor (The Invisible) and Fimber Bravo, among others. Four albums, Mercury and Grammy nominations and countless live triumphs tell just part of the story of the first decade of existence of a London-based quintet that perfectly embodies the eternal tension between emotion and electronica: intimate, celebratory and sweet, all at the same time.

I feel better

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Friday 18 | Sonar by Night | SonarPub

mysonar 22:30 :: dj :: Mark Jones (Wall of Sound/UK)

mysonar 00:00 :: live :: Hot Chip (Parlophone/UK)

mysonar 01:00 :: dj :: Magda (Minus/US)

mysonar 02:00 :: live :: Plastikman (Minus/CA)

mysonar 03:00 :: dj :: Dixon (Innervisions/DE)

mysonar 04:30 :: live :: Booka Shade (Get Physical/DE)

mysonar 05:30 :: dj :: Carte Blanche (DJ Mehdi & Riton) (Ed Banger/FR-UK)