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(Mushroom Pilow / ES)
18 June | SonarVillage | 21:00

Pop euphoria

Delorean must be the Spanish group which currently has the highest international profile. With over ten years' experience and increasing renown, the future for this Basque quartet is as bright as the sound of "Ayrton Senna", the small taster of what their new album will sound like, and one of this season's most eagerly waited cuts. Delorean have not forgotten their post-punk roots, but are completely impregnated with the sounds of the dancefloor, and are bursting with good vibrations and a party spirit in a format that owes as much to pop as it does to club music. The sound and euphoria of the Factory years, brought up to date.

Video of Delorean with John Talabot.

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Friday 18 | Sonar by Day | SonarVillage

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