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WienStrom - Contemporary Amplified Vienna presents
(Klangbad / AT)
17 June | SonarComplex | 19:30

Krautrock professors

Cluster are backed by no less than forty years' experience as a legendary project in recent contemporary music, and have influenced countless artists across several generations. With a back catalogue that is more than robust, and which includes collaborations with key figures in experimental music like Brian Eno, the living legends of krautrock Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius are true authorities in the fields of weightless ambient, cosmic electronica and thrilling minimalism. In 2009 they surfaced once again with "Qua," their first studio recording in fourteen years, which they use in their ongoing exploration of concepts like the infinite, repetition and duality.

Na ernel

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Thursday 17 | Sonar by Day | SonarComplex

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WienStrom - Contemporary Amplified Vienna presents

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