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Red Bull Music Academy presents
(Merge / CA)
17 June | SonarDôme | 19:00

Sound wizard

Dan Snaith is an interesting specimen in the world of music. He produced first his album “Start Breaking My Heart”, back in 2001 under the moniker Manitoba, winning praise for his innovative use of melody and clever rhythms. Several years later and things have moved on for the tenacious Dr. Snaith: an absurd lawsuit from one Richard 'Handsome Dick' Manitoba forced him to change his name to Caribou, he's been touring like a demon, and he's taken up swimming in a big way (hence the title of his brilliant 2010 long player “Swim”). His music has matured with his experiences too. The focus has shifted from looping tracks to carefully balancing harmonies, and he has strived to give his creations a more organic, almost liquid feel.

Interview to Caribou.


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Thursday 17 | Sonar by Day | SonarDôme
Red Bull Music Academy presents

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