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spa.RK presents
(spa.RK / ES)
18 June | SonarComplex | 17:00


bRUNA has been a regular at Sónar since 2006, and a new talent for the future. He has become a fact of life and a key name on the Spanish scene. With works released on spa.RK, Sofstar Records, Paradigma Musik and Natura Sonoris (among others) Carles Guajardo's palette of sounds fills the atmosphere with emotional and vibrant electronica, and illuminates it with infectious melodies.

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Friday 18 | Sonar by Day | SonarComplex

mysonar 13:00 :: live :: Phill Niblock + Carlos Casas (US-ES)

spa.RK presents

mysonar 17:00 :: live :: bRUNA (spa.RK/ES)

mysonar 18:00 :: live :: Bradien (spa.RK/ES)

mysonar 19:30 :: live :: Lesley Flanigan (US)

mysonar 21:00 :: live :: Emilio José (Foehn/ES)