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(Warp / UK)
17 June | SonarHall | 20:30

Pastoral retrofuturism

Since they started working together in 1995, the aesthetic of this cult band from Birmingham has been based on mixing up their passion for sound libraries, radio archives, psychedelic and colourful electronica, music for films and 1960 pop. All these ingredients stand out on "Broadcast & The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age", their mini-album in collaboration with Julian House, which has been praised to the skies by the specialist press. It is a melancholy take on the sounds and images of their childhoods, leading to a strange space-time loop where Raymond Scott floats alongside French pop icons, pastoral folk and the legendary The United States of America. If retrofuturism is a genre, Broadcast are its leaders. Their audiovisual show promises to be one of the highlights of Sónar by Day.

The bee colony

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Thursday 17 | Sonar by Day | SonarHall

mysonar 13:00 :: live :: Fur Voice (ES)

mysonar 17:00 :: live :: bcn216 + Tristan Perich (ES-US)

mysonar 20:30 :: live :: Broadcast (Warp/UK)