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Bomba Estéreo
(Nacional Records / CO)
19 June | SonarVillage | 18:30

Latin fire

Any comparison with Totó la Momposina or La Mala Rodríguez doesn't do them justice. The stage personality and presence of Li Saumet more than pass the test. She was probably the factor that gave Simón Mejía's productions the momentum needed to become international smash hits. Together, they have made his mixture of "champeta, reggae music, cumbia and folklore" (as listed by Li herself on the irresistible hit "Fuego") one of the freshest and most interesting ideas in the last year. It's a "warm sound", full of roots and the desire to make people dance, and it aims to breathe new life into Colombian rock, using fun, psychedelia and musical cross-breeding.


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Saturday 19 | Sonar by Day | SonarVillage

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mysonar 16:00 :: live :: Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu (Strut/FI)

mysonar 17:00 :: dj :: Funkforward (Urbarritmo/ES)

mysonar 18:30 :: live :: Bomba Estéreo (Nacional Records/CO)

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mysonar 20:15 :: live :: Uffie (Ed Banger/FR)

mysonar 21:00 :: dj :: Pablo Sánchez (Lovemonk-Wonderwheel Records/VE)