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bcn216 + Tristan Perich
17 June | SonarHall | 17:00

The music of mathematics

Tristan Perich is a sonic and visual artist, who takes his inspiration from mathematics and physics, and creates apparently simple works based on highly complex systems. One of the most well-known examples was his work "1-Bit Music", a CD-object with music in an embedded electronic circuit, which played 40 minutes of 1-bit music, the lowest conceivable level of digital audio. Using the same philosophy, this time round he will be presenting "Active Field", a piece for 10 violins, 10 channels and a 1-bit circuit, and will be helped out the renowned instrumental group BCN216.

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Thursday 17 | Sonar by Day | SonarHall

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mysonar 17:00 :: live :: bcn216 + Tristan Perich (ES-US)

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