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(Eskimo / BE)
18 June | SonarClub | 00:30

The return of the melody

Stephen Fasano and Vito Deluca joined forces in order to bring the melody back to what they felt was a dancefloor that was unduly dominated by rhythm. And how have they done it? By breaking the chains of the predictable with psychedelic guitars, pop keyboards, disco rhythms and a touch of melancholy that part of the DNA in their Italian roots. And judging by the list of artists that have asked them for a remix (Robbie Williams, Grace Jones, Bloc Party, Cobra Dukes, Das Pop, Lindström, Cut Copy, MGMT and many more!) the idea wasn't a bad one. While the world and his wife are anxiously awaiting their debut album, we take the opportunity to forage through their cases in an eagerly-awaited four-handed DJ session.

Baby can't stop

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Friday 18 | Sonar by Night | SonarClub

mysonar 22:30 :: dj :: Buenavista (AudioSushi/ES)

mysonar 23:30 :: live :: Air (Virgin/FR)

mysonar 00:30 :: dj :: Aeroplane (Eskimo/BE)

mysonar 01:30 :: live :: LCD Soundsystem (DFA Records/US)

mysonar 02:30 :: dj :: John Talabot (Hivern/Permanent Vacation/ES)

mysonar 04:00 :: live :: 2manydjs (BE)

mysonar 05:30 :: dj :: Claude VonStroke (Dirtybird/US)